March 2022 Cleantech Roundup: Climate Disclosure Rules | War’s Energy Impacts | Geothermal Heats Up

Climate Disclosure: SEC Edition

On Monday, March 21, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a proposed rule intended to standardize climate-related disclosures. Here’s some coverage of it from NPR.

Credit: Shutterstock/DC Stock Photography

Russia’s Energy Ripples

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States announced a Russian oil import ban. The US only imports a small percent of overall oil from Russia today, so not a huge disruptor, although a lot of Russian oil products that do come our way are very heavy, gunky product that is being brought in to be processed in the gulf area, where there is a lot of capacity to process some of these heavier types.

Geothermal is HOT

Axios flagged that oil services company Nabors Industries has made four venture investments in geothermal companies in the last nine months: Quaise, GeoX Energy, Sage Geosystems, and GA Drilling. And this is aside from another couple of geothermal companies who have been well funded recently — Fervo and Eavor.

Credit: GeoX Energy

Innovation Is Moving

The Wall Street Journal looked into research on how companies, people, and jobs are shifting away from coastal tech hubs. Silicon Valley is always going to be Silicon Valley, but we’re moving to a future where there is overall a less concentrated distribution of innovation and capital. Instead of around 40% of venture funding, maybe the Bay area ends up with something more like a third — still much more than anywhere else, but with that difference distributed to dozens of locations across the country, from Salt Lake City and Atlanta and Austin to Chicago and Columbus and Minneapolis.

Who is Drinking Whose Milkshake Now?

North Dakota’s biggest Oil Driller, Continental Resources, committed $250 million towards the development of a carbon capture pipeline project, one of two major CO2 pipeline projects in the Midwest.

Credit: There Will Be Blood — Paramount Vantage

Other News

Y Combinator had 31(!) climate tech startups at their latest demo day. Link



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Ian Adams


I work at Evergreen Climate Innovations in Chicago. I’m passionate about clean energy, innovation, and market driven solutions.