January 2022 Cleantech Roundup: SPAC-lash | All About Batteries | Invenergy | Fusion | Predictions

The Air is Coming out of the Balloon for Electric Vehicle Stocks

Friend of Evergreen Shayle Kann recently highlighted the ‘SPAC-lash’ occurring in the climate space — with the majority of deSPAC’d climate tech companies trading down at least 40%. (Shameless plug — Shayle also highlighted this during Evergreen’s January Climate Tech Investors Predict 2022 event)

Battery Report!

The Battery Report (2021) by Volta Foundation and Intercalation is chalk full of interesting information and analysis on news, industry trends, roadmaps, fundraising, and more — worth a read. If you’re short on time, head over to the Intercalation Station newsletter summarizing the report. I’ve included a couple slides I found most interesting below, highlighting different approaches to innovation in the sector and how continued cost decreases for lithium ion are putting pressure on next gen technologies.


Friend and neighbor of Evergreen, Invenergy, had a busy month in January. The company announced a $3 billion investment deal with investment management company Blackstone Infrastructure Partners to accelerate renewable energy development activities. The following week, the company announced a launch of a new community solar platform, Reactivate, with impact investment platform Lafayette Square.

Self Heating Plasma

Actors, discussing, maybe, fusion? Credit: Bad Robot Productions


Andrew Beebe of Obvious Ventures shared Ten Climate Tech Predictions for 2022. Of these, the one that I think will be most impactful (and also happen to agree with) is: new SEC regulatory standards for carbon disclosure.

How to Long Haul?

Recent research modeled tradeoffs between battery electric trucks and hydrogen fuel cell trucks. It essentially suggested battery electric vehicles were more cost effective for ranges under distances for roughly 400 miles; whereas hydrogen trucks start to make sense for trips longer than that — especially with heavy cargo (hat tip to the Intercalation Station newsletter for sharing this article).


Back in the August Cleantech Roundup we mentioned how John Deere had acquired autonomous tractor company Bear Flag Robotics. Lo and behold, at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show in January, John Deere announced its first autonomous tractor model.

Credit: John Deere

Charging Stations: the Oil of the Future?

Over at Trucks’ Future of Transportation newsletter, Reilly Brennan highlighted how oil supermajors project more profits from EV fast chargers than from gas pumps in the near future.

Other News

Lanzajet, a spinout from Chicago area carbon recycling technology company Lanzatech, received a $50 million investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund to help build a new sustainable aviation fuel production facility in Georgia. Link



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