February 2022 Cleantech Roundup: War | Offshore Wind | Buying Power

Big Geopolitical, Humanitarian, Moral, and Economic Disaster: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

First and foremost, this is obviously a dark human tragedy, whose carnage outweighs its energy implications.

Credit: International Energy Agency
Credit: Dominion Energy

Big Spender

The Biden Administration announced purchasing program guidelines to help lower emissions from industrial materials like steel, cement, and aluminum. The federal government buys a lot of stuff — especially stuff that contains a lot of steel and cement like roads and bridges — indeed, it is the largest consumer in the world.

Credit: Electrify America

Big Ethanol Issues

A study recently published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that federal policy providing subsidies for ethanol were a huge mess from a carbon emissions perspective — no better than just using gasoline, and probably a bit more carbon intensive. This is unfortunate, since addressing climate change was one of the primary motivators for this policy (in addition to reducing dependence on foreign oil).

Big Benefits for Tax Credits

Analysis by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago and the Rhodium Group shows that tax credits are actually a really cost effective way to reduce power sector emissions. Here’s Michael Greenstone’s take from an interview with Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic:

Other Big News



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Ian Adams

Ian Adams


I work at Evergreen Climate Innovations in Chicago. I’m passionate about clean energy, innovation, and market driven solutions.