August 2022 Cleantech Roundup: Most Known Unknown Provisions from IRA | Big Policy Moves in California | What Form of Electric Vehicle is in Your Future?

Inflation Reduction Act — and More!

Credit: The Atlantic; source: RMI

Golf Carts Without Golf?

Fun story from Slate about how a city in Georgia came to love and embrace golf carts as a transportation option. This is a good example of how we can have different solutions for different types of transportation needs. No one is going to drive a golf cart to the coast, but that doesn’t mean something of that scale is not a good solution locally, especially if we make sure to build the infrastructure to accommodate it.

California Dreaming

Credit: Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times

Who is Selling Electric Vehicles?

Other News

Eneus Energy gets big infrastructure bank investment to grow its renewable ammonia project developments (there are some tradeoffs, but it is generally easier to store and transport ammonia (NH3) than just hydrogen (H). Ammonia could be especially relevant to decarbonizing ocean shipping in the longer-term. Link



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Ian Adams

Ian Adams


I work at Evergreen Climate Innovations in Chicago. I’m passionate about clean energy, innovation, and market driven solutions.