A lot of attention throughout the month of October was on Washington, where the (as-of-yet unpassed) reconciliation bill with major climate provisions was being negotiated, but there was a lot else going on as well. In particular, Hertz and Tesla announced a deal that should provide a great opportunity for…

This month, we’re highlighting big climate policy news in Illinois, how the battery materials supply chain is evolving, why sustainable aviation fuels may be a Goldilocks solution, and changing beliefs on climate change.

Credit: Rethink Electric

Illinois Commits to 100% Clean Energy

Illinois passed major climate policy in September, the first state in the Midwest to do so. The…

I like to keep things fresh and change it up occasionally. Last month, we focused on the progress on federal policy in the form of an infrastructure bill, along with some significant news about electric vehicle infrastructure interoperability.

This month, we’re going to… talk about federal infrastructure policy and electric…

This month, we’re talking about how the financial services industry is driving the carbon removal ecosystem forward, whether it is finally about to be infrastructure week, EV charging interoperability, and more!

I’ll Send a SaaS to the World

Bloomberg had a nice piece talking about how Stripe and Shopify are taking the lead when it comes to…

For the month gone by, we are talking about several seismic developments for oil and gas companies, the much anticipated release of the Ford F-150 Lightning electric vehicle, emerging models to build new charging infrastructure, and a new initiative using carbon markets to offset emissions.

Oil and Gas Majors Receive New Marching Orders

It was a big month…

Credit: Volkswagen

This month, we cover some of the interesting recent electric vehicle supply chain developments, highlight President Biden’s recently announced infrastructure initiative, and touch on the potential for regenerative agriculture to help address climate change.

Plus: Clean Energy Trust portfolio company Varuna shows up on the Google homepage, Jigar Shah is…

Credit: Poole Group

This month, we’re covering the rush of investing into startups that quantify, manage, and verify carbon emissions reductions, Texas’ grid troubles, new research on transitioning fossil fuel workers, and more!

Climate Software Gold Rush

Over the last several months, and in the last month in particular, there has been an enormous amount of interest…

Ian Adams

I work at Clean Energy Trust in Chicago. I’m passionate about clean energy, innovation, and market driven solutions.

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